One major reason why we don't stay consistent is because we don't have someone holding us accountable. We need that person in our corner to remind us that we already have the powerful within, provide us with tools that motivate, encourage, and assist us in leaping into our own greatness. Check out some testimonials below. 

"After joining Nakia's Magnetic Woman Mastermind a few weeks into it i was reminded how important self-care is for the mind ,body, and soul. Taking those moments restored my faith to continue on my journey towards making my desires into additional income and leaping into my purpose." -Joy

"I had the breakthrough of learning to trust myself, my journey and my process. To believe that my thoughts and ideas can become reality. To lay the groundwork to make my passion a reality. I was placed in a community that will help me through this journey."


Are you ready to put yourself first? Are you being called to LEAP into your greatness? Do you desire to fall deeper in love with yourself? Do you need some accountability support? 

Send me a message, sign up for my next workshop, or join Magnetic Woman Mastermind. I look forward to working with you! 


Receive accountability support from your coach every step of the way. Sometimes all we need is someone to not only help us get what we desire, but to also encourage us and hold us accountable for what it is that we say we want. 

Tips and Tools

Shift your mindset, identify limiting beliefs through customized tools, reclaim your joy, reclaim your light, leap into your Divine purpose and be supported!


Receive tailored support as we co-create together what's best for you! You already have everything you need to succeed and I'm here to partner with you to help guide you through the process. 

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