Magnetic Woman Mastermind

 Are you wondering why you feel drained or burned out, lack consistency with self-care, aren’t answering your calling or just finding yourself last on the priority list?


This could mean that your magnetism, your light, your energy, your joy is depleted and drained.

Sometimes we are so busy taking care of others, or just meeting all the demands in front of us that we simply forget how important “WE” are. We get lost in “doing” and never quite the renewing or recharging our energy.

I’d love to support you in Re-claiming your Magnetism so that you can continue to put yourself first, feel more confident and good about yourself, attract the desires of your heart, and shine your light unapologetically!

What is Magnetic Woman Mastermind?

Magnetic Woman Mastermind Program is a community of sisterhood, transformation, self-empowerment, and accountability. It connects women with other like-minded women who ultimately become sisters on a journey together to Re-claim their Joy, Re-claim their time, Re-Charge their “Inner G”, and build their Confidence, Courage, and Creativity so that they can LEAP into their Greatness!

In this interactive 6 month virtual program, women not only are poured into, they are heard, and they are encouraged to share the value that they offer to this space!


Throughout our 12 sessions together we primary focus on: 

  • Building A Daily Practice of Self-Care

  • Unpacking Limited Beliefs 

  • Re-writing Our Narratives

  • Setting Goals & Executing Them

  • Re-Claiming Our Joy

  • Releasing Self-Sabotage 

  • Leaping Into Our Divine Callings

  • Using Our Gifts For Good

  • Manifesting Our Dreams and Desires

  • Acknowledging Both Our Wins & Challenges,

  • Being Held Accountable

  • Cultivating A Loving & Supportive Sisterhood 

What Are Women Saying About Their Experience?

During my time in Magnetic Woman, I…

“I was able to identify the limiting beliefs and create a space to visualize and manifest my desires.”

“I had the breakthrough of learning to trust myself, my journey and my process. To believe that my thoughts and ideas can become reality. To lay the groundwork to make my passion a reality. I was placed in a community that has and will help me through this journey.”

“I learned I was carrying some childhood experiences/ values that were defining me. I am working through redefining these areas of my life and rewriting my narrative.”

“After joining Nakia's Magnetic Woman a few weeks into it I was reminded of how important self-care is for the mind, body, and soul. Taking those moments restored my faith to continue on my journey towards making my desires into additional income and leaping into my purpose...”


As a result of completing Magnetic Woman…

“I realized I am in control of my future, my success and I manifest all good in my life. I was able to let go and step in fully to my vision of becoming my own boss.”


“I have re-gain faith in my journey and a better understanding of my passion...”


“I met some incredible women who provided the support and encouragement I needed while cultivating relationships. I also am closer to launching and fully leaping into my own business.”


“I am now creating a group for young girls ages 13 to 18. To mentor them on the importance of loving themselves and manifesting their heart’s desire...

"Nakia introduced me to some tools that helped me understand me more, and understand what was calling me. During the course of the last three months, i was able to go back to those tools, and lifework that I had done and use it as part of my daily self care practice, or when times were just tough! It helped me to remember who I am and were I am going."

  • 12 Bi-Weekly Group Sessions (Th. Evening Conf. Calls 60-90mins)

  • Access to Session Recordings/Replays

  • 1 In Person Gathering (Celebration Day) 

  • Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Group: to share life work, ask questions, capture wins, and receive support.

  • Weekly Virtual Accountability, Inspiration, and Encouragement Content

  • Session Handouts/Worksheets and Resources

  • Transformational Lifework (Homework) and Accountability Tools


  • 2 Private Coaching Session with Nakia (60 minute Conference Call)

  • 1 Free ticket to Nakia’s Monthly Workshops

  • 1 30min Group Bonus Call (closing out MWM)

  • Prosperous Mindset Plan (40-Day Meditation Guide)

  • All The Joy You Can Stand (Book) by Debrena Jackson Gandy


$97.00 Registration

Plus 6 payments of $197/month

(Jan 23-July 25 2020)


Still have questions? Contact Nakia at

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