Nakia Dillard is a life coach, workshop facilitator and jewelry designer who helps women develop and increase their self-care and personal development so that they can shift and change their lives from the inside out. She is the founder of Goddess Crowns By

Nakia, who’s vision is to inspire, motivate, and remind women to embrace self-love and self-care practices.


Nakia Dillard has over 13 years of experience impacting the lives of others through her experience in Health Education, Youth Development, Mentorship, and Personal Development. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Community-Based Health Education. She has served as a personal development coach and mentor to dozens of women and girls.


Jewelry Inspiration:

Goddess Crowns Jewelry came to me as a Divine download after doing a prosperity meditation. I had an inspired idea and decided to act on it. I learned that this was a hidden talent that I had no idea I could bring forth. It was one example of listen to the inner voice telling me to do something I had never done before. I felt there was a calling, and a tapping on my life that I couldn’t ignore. So I leaped into it. I went from writing down every idea that came to me, I then started buying materials and made my first Goddess Crowns and starting selling them all over the course of 3 days. I went from a Ziploc bag with a few crowns to carrying a small basket with jewelry items for sell, to vending and to teaching jewelry making workshops and integrating my jewelry inside of in retail locations.

Coaching & Workshops Inspiration:

I started my self-care like coaching after meeting so many women who were struggling with keeping a consistent practice of self-care, as well as struggling with their courage to take action towards their dreams and their calling in life. After getting countless confirmations from women I have impacted in my life who would say that, I should be a life coach, I decided to make that a reality. I’ve been a workshop facilitator for years through my previous work in health education, youth development, social justice and personal development. My desire is to continue the service as a workshop facilitator holding space for self-empowerment


Braiding/Hair Crowning Inspiration:

Braiding has been a part of my life since I was a child. From practicing my first braid on my grandmothers hair, to my baby dolls, to my own hair and then others. I have been providing braiding and natural hair styling services to other for 15 years. I often get asked the question, “who taught you how to braid,” and my reply is “no one, it was something I just knew how to do…” I take pride in braiding being a part of my DNA, it is something I remembered from my ancestors.

In 2016, I decided to combine all the ways I serve within what I call inner and outer care. The jewelry, hair braiding/crowning services are outer care for women. The coaching and workshops are inner care and both combined create a holistic (mental, spiritual, and physical) approach to self-care and honoring the Divine Goddess. Goddess Crowns By Nakia is a holistic service provided for women to empower themselves from the inside out!


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