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Magnetic Woman Mastermind 2020 (Registration Only)


Greetings Queen, 


Have you’ve been dealing with self-sabotage/being hard on yourself, feeling exhausted and drained energetically, and or consistently finding yourself doing more for others while your cup runs empty? If so, it is time for a change in mindset, practice, and reality because self-care is not an option, it is required and you deserve you Queen! 


I would love to invite you on a transformational journey with me and fellow like-minded sistahs.


A journey that will:

  • Support you in becoming a better you and falling deeper in love with yourself! 

  • Give you the encouragement to say “No” and set boundaries that protect your energy!

  • Help you move from practice to embodiment of self-care and self-love!

  • Prepare you to face fears and walk the bridge of the unknown!

  • Introduce you to practices that help you to reclaim your joy and maintain your peace!

  • Allow you to learn how to trust yourself and your own process more!

  • Give you the tools to manifest the desires of your heart!

  • Ignite your excitement to rebuild your confidence, courage, and creativity! 

  • Help you become more magnetic so that you can leap into your greatness!

  • Be a constant reminder that you deserve to care for yourself unapologetically!


And that journey is called  Magnetic Woman Mastermind 2020! 


A Magnetic Woman:

  • Prioritizes her energy, her needs, her time, and her life first

  • Gives from the overflow and not from depletion

  • Unapologetically shines her light and inspires others to do the same

  • Uses courage and confidence to leap into her calling

  • She falls deeper in love with herself daily

  • Is gentle and loving with her thoughts

  • Glows from the inside out

  • Recognizes that she has the power to attract the good into her life

  • Knows her light is contagious and loves to spread it

  • Is a magnet to prosperity and abundance

  • Knows how to manifest her heart's desires

Join Nakia and likeminded sisters on this 6 month virtual journey (Jan 23-July 16, 2020) to becoming a Magnetic Woman.


First, learn more about what you will be leaping into and what previous members have said about their experience:


Magnetic Woman Mastermind Program is a community of sisterhood, transformation, self-empowerment, and accountability. It connects women with other like-minded women who ultimately become sisters on a journey together to Re-claim their Joy, Re-claim their time, Re-Charge their “Inner G”, and build their Confidence, Courage, and Creativity so that they can LEAP into their Greatness!


What Are Women Saying About Their Experience?

During my time in Magnetic Woman, I…

“I was able to identify the limiting beliefs and create a space to visualize and manifest my desires.”


“I had the breakthrough of learning to trust myself, my journey and my process. To believe that my thoughts and ideas can become reality. To lay the groundwork to make my passion a reality. I was placed in a community that has and will help me through this journey.”


“I learned I was carrying some childhood experiences/ values that were defining me. I am working through redefining these areas of my life and rewriting my narrative.”


“After joining Nakia's Magnetic Woman a few weeks into it I was reminded of how important self-care is for the mind, body, and soul. Taking those moments restored my faith to continue on my journey towards making my desires into additional income and leaping into my purpose...”


Magnetic Woman Mastermind Program Themes Include: (Subject to Change)

  • Setting the Tone for the Magnetic Woman
  • From Self-Sabotage to Self-Love/ Falling Deeper In Love with You
  • Self-Care Goals for the Magnetic Woman
  • Saying “No” to Burnout and “Yes” to Putting Yourself First
  • How to Mag-nifest/Manifest Your Dreams & Desires
  • The Courage to LEAP into Your Calling
  • Acknowledge--Celebrate Your Wins & Successes
  • Building your “I AM Worthy” Mindset
  • Leaping with or without FEAR! 
  • I Forgive Myself and Others…


This Program Features:  
• 12 Bi-Weekly Group Sessions (Conference Calls 60-90mins-- Thursdays at 6:30pm PST)
• Access to Session Recordings/Replays
• 1 In Person Gathering/Celebration 
• Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Group: to share life work, ask questions, capture wins, and receive support. 
• Weekly Virtual Accountability, Inspiration, and Encouragement Content 
•    Session Handouts/Worksheets and Resources 
•    Transformational Lifework (homework) and Accountability 

Bonuses Include: 
• 2 Private Coaching Session with Nakia (60 minute Conference Call) 
• All The Joy You Can Stand (Book) by Debrena Jackson Gandy
• Prosperous Mindset Plan (40-Day Mediation Guide) 
•1 free ticket to Nakia’s Monthly Workshops 

Please Read: This first payment is your commitment fee/registration only. There will be monthly investment payments of $197 per month. 


You will receive full program info packet/schedule attached to your confirmation email with this purchase. 


If you have any questions, please email Nakia at goddessscrowns@gmail.com.


Peace and Light Magnetic Woman!