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Private Coaching With Nakia


Hey Queen,


The truth is, you know what you need, you desire something different for your life, and you’re tired of being stuck. Whether you are working on your self-care, preparing to leap into your calling, needing to build up your confidence, set boundaries, or gain clarity in your life, working with a coach can support you in the process.


Allow Nakia to support you with tools, accountability, coaching, and encouragement, on your journey. 


Here's what some women have shared about their experience working with Nakia:


"I am able to be comfortable with being my authentic self I know that what I offer the world is awesome and worth being shared."


"I am able to set boundaries, lose weight (15lbs) start a new chapter of servicing families and hopefully helping men with the tools needed to reclaim there position in the family."


"I began giving myself permission to dream again, set new goals, and reclaim my Joy."


Example coaching topics can include (not limited to):

  • Developing A Daily Practice of Self-Care.

  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs and Shifting Your Mindset to New Truths.

  • Getting Ready For Your LEAP

  • Using the 3Cs (Confidence, Courage, & Creativity) for your LEAP

  • How to Manifest Your Desires

  • Setting & Executing SMARTER Goals.

  • Increasing Your Prosperity Mindset 


Your Coaching Outline:

  • 3-Month Journey: Over the course of 3-months your journey will include 3 coaching sessions. The sessions are 1hr each and will take place via phone conference once per month.

  • Weekly Accountability Emails: The journey will  include weekly accountability emails/check ins. These emails will focus on your Lifework centered around meeting the goals we set for your journey. Nakia will provide more details and specifics via your coaching agreement. 

  • Investment/Payment: $257/month. Payments will be due once a month. The first payment is due upon mutual agreement to move forward.


If you haven’t already, please use this link to apply




I look forward to hearing from you!