Unpacking Limitations/Setting SMARTER Goals Virtual Workshop

Unpacking Limitations/Setting SMARTER Goals Virtual Workshop

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Unpacking Limitations-Setting SMARTER Goals 2021:


It’s already 2021, have you taken time to set some intentions/goals yet sis? If not, that’s  totally fine as NOW is always the time. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to get started as well as get through what may be blocking you from moving forward. In this workshop you will have some intentional time to not only set SMARTER goals in a community of sisterhood, you will identify and release(if you choose to) what’s holding you back. Let’s unpack, elevate our visions, and set clear road maps to our success! 



This workshop provides you with an introduction to the acronym “SMARTER” and how to use this system to write clear goals that can support you in your road map to success and manifestation. Not only will we set SMARTER goals, we will discuss and address the limited beliefs that may contribute to blocking our goals/dreams. Nakia will share some tools on how to unblock limitations which often gets in the way of reaching our goals. We will set new Truths and tools to support us in unblocking what may be holding us back.


 If you are ready to release the old and bring in the new for 2021, then this workshop is for you.


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If you have any questions please contact Nakia at goddesscrowns@gmail.com.


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